Cross Contamination in the Body


It was only days ago that we buried a beloved friend who had Cystic Fibrosis (known in short as ‘CF”).
People with CF cannot mix with other people who have CF for one main reason: CROSS INFECTION.

It makes it tough because the only people who truly understand your journey, are the same people that you have to avoid.  The lungs of people with CF are susceptible to all sorts of ‘opportunistic and dangerous bugs’ that they can pass onto each other.

Normally when someone that was beloved in the ‘Cystic Fibrosis Community’ pass away, many with CF make an exception and risk the bugs…Love crosses over some major barriers…even opportunistic and dangerous bugs.

As I sat there in the Church a few days ago, it reminded me of the Body of Christ. There are so many thousands of denominations who do not want to mix with each other – many out of fear of CROSS CONTAMINATION of some sort.  But as we as a Body will face persecution and even possibly death in these last days…we will have to take some risks.

Love takes risks.

We will also have to understand that liberty and safety are not the same thing according to the standard of God’s Word.