Change How You See

A few years ago, our daughter had to go in for surgery – and as we sat at the hospital ward waiting, the LORD ministered to her from this Scripture:

“In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.”              Psalm 94:19

Anxiety is rooted in fear – and we magnify it with our thoughts. In fact, the original text refer to it as “disquieting thoughts”. The thoughts won’t keep quiet! The Word teaches us not to be anxious about anything (Philippians 4:6) – but when we go through times where we experience disquieting thoughts, (which if we are honest, we all have to face at times) – God alleviates our fears and reassures us. He comforts us in our inner man.

I absolutely love the way that the Strong’s describes the original text and meaning of the word “delight” in the Scripture as – “to stroke, to be smeared over, be blinded, smear over eyes”.

The challenge with anxiety, is that it affects how you see – but when God comforts you, He strokes, smears over your eyes, smears over you, blinds you to that thing you are scared of – with His great comfort, with His love.  This changes how you see! It settles you and ministers to you.

Allow God to smear over your eyes the truth in His Word, allow Him to bring you comfort – if you look back in your life, you will realise that He has never failed you and He is not about to start now.