Have you stored up Food?

Earlier this month of August, I had a dream that I feel led to share:

I dreamed that I was standing on a shore of a beach, watching intently into the distant horizon.
There were many people around me scattered in different places but I knew in the dream that we were all connected to one another – the people all felt like ‘family’.
I sensed that all the people represented the children of God.
Behind me was a huge house (the Church), which belonged to all of us (the Body of Christ).
As I stood there, I strongly sensed that a Tsunami was coming.
It was not a Tsunami of revival (as we have often heard of such tsunami’s) – but in the restlessness of the waters there was hidden and harmful danger coming that stemmed from rebellion and the Anti-Christ spirit.
There was a large group of our people swimming in the sea and they were surrounded by large sharks, waiting to unexpectedly attack them.
The seas represented the spirit of this world (nations) and I knew that these people of God were not going to make it, they were going to die.
I then saw a vision in the dream of the Tsunami happening and as the waters subsided afterwards, there were many dead bodies strewn all over, with a sense of disillusionment by God’s people about just how unprepared we were for that.
I then looked back and suddenly saw underneath the foundation of the house (the Church) and when I turned around, I saw a picture of tinned food in front of me – and I realised we had made no provision for food at all!

I believe this is double in meaning – both spiritual and physical food, but I am going to focus on the spiritual:

We should have been prepared and stored food in the foundation of the House (the Church, our lives, ministry), then we would have been more prepared. The foundation is symbolic of Jesus Christ, the foundation of the Church and also He – as the Word of God.
The ‘tinned food’ is symbolic of stored food – the Word of God in us – memorised, known, written on our hearts, ‘stored’.

In seasons to come, there is going to be much harmful attack on the people of God concerning the Word of God.
As the spirit of Anti-Christ continues to work to set up the stage for things to come – and rebellion and lawlessness increases in the world, many of God’s people will spiritually starve because they are not taking heed to the signs and are not discerning the times.
Beloved, we need to stop swimming in the world!

NOW is the time for us to get the Word of God ‘stored’ inside of us. This takes time, use it wisely, for it is running out.
There is no more time to delay or for excuses.