Abuse – Breaking the Deafening Silence!

This message started off initially as an article – but ended up a book. In due course, I will publish it, however I have sensed strongly in my heart to publish it now on this website as a message to the Body of Christ.

It’s time.

As part of not only my own personal testimony – but also in my experience in ministering to many women, I have been wanting to write about ungodly control and abuse for many years – but I had to wait for the right time. I have lived this. I have seen this. It is shocking when you come to understand how big this problem is in the Body of Christ. As the clock seem to be racing into the last of the last days, there is no place for ungodly control and abuse in believers. I now feel compelled by my Father to speak for those who cannot speak – or do not speak. Yet, Father had to first teach and train me to have a biblical approach to this life destroying issue – one that is for freedom for both women and men, unbiased and driven only by His love and mercy for us all.

When as a woman, one speaks or writes about ungodly control and abuse (especially in the context of marriage – and in the setting of those in the Body of Christ), you may be labelled as a ‘troublemaker’. Sometimes you are even called a ‘Jezebel’. Jezebel will often call you Jezebel! Especially and unfortunately by leadership in the Church. Even more so, when you have come out of certain denominations or ministries that has caused restrictions and limitations in your life – through ungodly control. Yet, amidst facing that, I cannot be silent on this life wrecking issue. After all, is not silence equal to involvement? As one servant of God once said: “The unspoken truth is a lie”. In this context, that statement is definitely true. One of the reasons why God’s people are not living in victory, is because they fail to speak out and protest against injustice.

It happened a while ago that I had a vision of a battlefield with blown apart and badly wounded bodies strewn all around it. If you have ever seen the movie “Hacksaw Ridge”, you will have a pretty good picture of that battlefield in your mind (I am not much of a movie person but love true stories and this one came highly recommended). I have felt Father speaking to me through this type of vision many times before. In the vision, I was picking up body parts. I remember feeling a sense of desolation wherever I looked to find these particular parts. It was gruesome and they were like huge chunks of meat that made up a whole body. I tried to stack up the pieces under and in my arms. Suddenly I stopped and there was a deep pain in my heart as I realised that I was picking up – ‘me’.

It shocked me. I didn’t expect that. For much of my life, I have been picking up parts for others. Then, as I was having time with Father in my ‘prayer closet’, I sensed that just as much as those body parts were ‘me’ – that He was restoring from ungodly control and abuse – it also was symbolic of His daughters, His women – His parts of the Body (of Christ) who had been blown apart and badly wounded through ungodly control and abuse. I was suddenly reminded of the ‘dry bones’ in Ezekiel 37 and knew that He wanted these bones to live and to rise up a mighty army. An army of not only men – but also His remnant of chosen women – for such a time as this.

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